Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Free State Project

I want to place the spotlight on a couple of website banners I provide on this blog and I will start with the Free State Project. They are the perfect example of freedom.

The Free State Project embodies all that I talk about here, in regards to how we can all be free through a decentralized federation. I've mentioned numerous times that what makes us a free country is the fact that we have (are supposed to have) a limited federal government that protects and organizes a collection of smaller state governments (they could be called providences, cantons, or whatever) while ensuring natural rights to all individuals.

Each one of those state governments, although dictated to be republican forms of government (one of my grievances with the Constitution), are capable of providing different laws that equate to different levels of government involvement in people's lives. Each one is capable of providing a different possibility.

Someone was smart enough to realize that freedom does not just come in the form of extremely limited government, nor does it just come in the form of controlling, big government, nor does it just come in the form of some moderate version of government involvement, nor just in any other particular level of government. It comes in all forms.

What means freedom to me might not mean freedom to you. For example, many people view government leaving them alone as a form of freedom, while many others view government taking care of them as a form of freedom, and there are many other views in-between.

How can one nation ever hope to accommodate every citizen's viewpoints? More importantly, how can any nation accommodate differing viewpoints without forcing a single ideology on everyone that only a portion of the electorate agree with?

Answer: A limited federal government that ensures natural, individual rights, while protecting and organizing any number of smaller state governments that each provide any number of possibilities.

The folks over at the Free State Project have realized this. They are people who prefer minimal government and they have recognized the state of New Hampshire as having a government that provides their preference. So, they are trying to get as many people who think like them as possible to move to New Hampshire and swell the already large number of people that think like they do.

This is what having multiple state governments which can provide multiple possibilities is all about! Your preference can and should be found in any number of state governments that exist. Any state government can and should be shaped by voters and voters with similar desires can and should group together to form the types of government they want.

That's freedom.

The Free State Project is trying to do exactly that. With enough like-minded people in a chosen state (New Hampshire, in this case), the kind of voting taking place in that state will reflect the kind of government they want. This is what it means to Vote with Your Feet.

So long as we have a limited federal government, we can have any other level of government that provides what we all want at the state level. That's why It's a Free Country. I applaud the Free State Project for utilizing what is available to all of us.

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