Monday, December 10, 2007

The Death of Politics

It's almost ironic, perhaps hypocritical, that I write this blog about politics. Why? Because I think politics need not exist in our world.

Think about Leonardo di Vinci, arguably the most ingenious man who ever lived - the original Renaissance Man who was a master in the realms of anatomy, astronomy, botany, geology, flight, geography, inventing, art, engineering, physics, hydrostatics, optics, mathematics, mechanics, a bit of philosophy, and much more.

Yet, he didn't touch politics, despite politics being very prevalent in his time. Search as you may, you will be very hard pressed to find any accomplishments, much less activity, of Leonardo da Vinci in any discipline related to politics. Why do you think that is? Could it be because it takes a genius intellect to discover that politics is unnecessary in our world?

Personally, I think it only takes common sense. It is well known that da Vinci lived as a "free soul" and I think that sense of freedom he lived in throughout his life gives us the answer to how and why politics is unnecessary.

Freedom could be the death of politics as we know it.

The only reason why we have politics is because we each try to pull and tug the other person in the direction we want them to go, instead of only worrying about what direction we want to go. We worry more about what others are doing instead of worrying more about what we ourselves are doing.

We try to acquire the kind of freedom that we want at the expense of the kind of freedom that others want, by making our version the only way. And we do this through politics. We argue and fight and try to "best" one another, constantly putting more and more legislation in place, only to limit ourselves more and more, in the hopes that our version of freedom will triumph and destroy our adversary's version. We have people that make this happen for us and we call them politicians.

Such politicians inevitably feed off our selfish and hardline desires and become fat with greed and power themselves, caring less about what's good for The People and more about what's good for them or those who line their pockets with money, simply making our situation worse.

Politicians begin campaigns designed to tear We the People apart and divide us, pitting us all against one another - us against them - we're right and they're wrong - my way or no way - you belong to this camp and not that camp. We fight for what is "right" and seldom ever get anything other than more fighting.

The truth is that everyone is right, until they begin forcing others to conform to their way.

Freedom enables us to move past all of that. In other words, freedom kills politics.

In a free world, anyone can live in a society of their choosing, whether they prefer big government intervention in their lives, or whether they prefer government to stay out of their lives, or some combination in-between, with neither being forced to accept the other (easily done at the state level).

In a free world, people utilize a voting system that they prefer, whether they prefer to vote for representatives, or vote democratically (directly), or not vote at all (once again, easily done at the state level).

Certain, basic rights that enable and stabilize freedom, such as those presented in the Bill of Rights, are enshrined and branded into the law of the land, guaranteed to everyone, denied to no one, and never neglected.

And despite the different levels or forms of government that people choose to experience, they are well protected from harm and a uniform system of justice and commerce are available for everyone to utilize.

People are free to live their lives as they choose, so long as no force or coercion is used (unless those receiving the force and coercion choose to receive it).

The leaders that are elected, if leaders are elected at all, are nothing more than figureheads. They do nothing more than tend this constant form of freedom, acting only as a giant maintenance crew keeping the chain oiled and the wheels spinning. The people need not really even care who is running for office because whomever it is simply does the same thing: Ensuring we can live our lives the way we intend.

We could do away with politics right now, if we really wanted to. That's what can happen when...

It's a Free Country!

...And that can only happen when we realize that each of our lives are the only thing that each of us control.

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