Friday, December 21, 2007


We hear that word - Billions - often.

It is a word uttered by politicians from governments world-wide, particularly in America. When talking about money, politicians mention that word with ease, often, and without remorse. Why should they be remorseful? After all, 99.9% of that money is not theirs, if any of it at all.

Politicians casually toss around the word Billions like it's nothing. We hear that number so often that it has come to mean very little to us. But, the fact is that it DOES mean something. It means a LOT of YOUR money, and that goes for any country.

Steve Rankin, over at Free Citizen , sent me an interesting list that was composed by an advertising agency to help put the number Billion into perspective. At the risk of my arithmetic math skills, I tweaked what he sent me and came up with this:
1. A billion seconds ago it was 1972.

2. A billion minutes ago Jesus had finished walking the Earth 7 years prior.

3. A billion hours ago Neanderthals existed.

4. A billion days ago the formation of the Arctic polar ice cap occurred.

5. A billion dollars ago happened yesterday and is continuing to happen everyday, at the rate our federal government is spending it.

Keeping that in mind, think about the 9 Trillion in debt that we have!

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