Friday, February 29, 2008

Got Non-Interventionism?

Sadly, no.

As he has done time and again during the current 2008 Presidential Primary, Dr./Rep. Ron Paul has done an outstanding job of pointing out how the U.S.'s foreign interventionist policies are disastrous. You can watch one of those times right here.

Unfortunately, this common sense observation has fallen on deaf ears, since his primary results are now very lacking.

Nevertheless, this matter continues to stand out loud and clear and we see a brand new example of it in Serbia, where the U.S. Embassy in Belgrade was recently torched for the U.S. backing Kosovo's declared independence.

Why did such a backing need to be done? Why couldn't Kosovo declare their independence and the U.S. simply make no comment on the matter, other than how it hopes relations and possible trade with Kosovo can develop, no matter what political format Kosovo chooses? Furthermore, why do we need a piece of American ownership (otherwise known as an embassy) on Serbia's land?

And we wonder why we get the kind of blowback that we get.

Now, on top of that, we have U.S. Navy warships en route to the East Mediterranean, in response to tensions between Lebanon and Syria. Why is their political conflict the U.S.'s business when there is no direct effect to the U.S. and only possibly an indirect effect that can easily be repelled by the most powerful national defense in the world, as opposed to a national offense that simply creates more hostility toward the U.S. and undermines freedom and the example of freedom that the U.S. should be setting?

The U.S. government even had the gall to call such a movement of the Navy "a clear message for the need for stability".

Sending warships is a way to convey a desire for stability?

And we wonder why we have terrorists.

Incidentally, no one here is calling for isolationism. I am talking about non-interventionism and as I have already discussed, there is a difference.

I hope that we can one day discover that a foreign non-interventionist policy is far more consistent with freedom and the example a free country should be setting.

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